I frogged my sky scarf and starting over. It was too wide and I was quickly hating it. Now I have to play catch-up and will have million ends to weave in (I’m not carrying the yarn up). I’m on May 10th. Oy. It was originally 30 stitches wide, it is now 22. I have one holiday gift done and working on another.

Last farmer’s market is the next week. Makes me sad. Back to eating sad produce from the grocery store.

I look forward to decorating the balcony for Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, I’m just about all set with my costume this year. I don’t know if anyone will get who I’ll be but I’m excited about it.

We went apple picking a few weeks ago. Biggest Honeycrisps we’ve ever seen!

We also picked a funky apple.


I got my haircut on Saturday. Not really a surprise for me since I’ve planned it for over a month.  :)

I can’t believe it’s October. I should think about what sort of Octoberfest posts I want to do this year. I can think of one off the top of my head, but nothing else comes to mind. Maybe I’ll just take lots of photos of Cole.  ;)


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