Sunday Brunch: eggs and apple bread

Having gone apple picking a few weeks back we had a lot of apples. I made a galette, we ate some and last week I made Creative Noshing’s Apple Bread. I froze one loaf to have at a later time and we quickly polished off the first loaf within a week.

The only change I made to recipe was I added 1 teaspoon of nutmeg as well. I could have added more, but nutmeg is very finicky and I didn’t want it to overpower. Next time, I’ll add 2 teaspoons. I also did not have enough lemon so I used a bit of white distilled vinegar to make enough liquid. Man, I love that stuff! So damn useful for so many things.

Sunday was the second to last farmer’s market for the year, so I wanted to make sure we got to it.  I needed to make sure to have something quick for breakfast, I give you egg over-easy, apple bread and a cup of tea.

While editing the photo I realized I never broke the yoke, so this looks really white. I wasn’t thinking Sunday and just wanted to dig in. :)


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