Photo a Day, November 24: Local

Day 24

Main St.

I’m not sure why the last ‘e’ is missing from the mural. I never really noticed until I was editing the photo.


4 thoughts on “Photo a Day, November 24: Local

  1. ~m says:

    ooh, nice texture and colour in this flare, Sarah.

    I’ve noticed that, too, and I’ve been trying to remember!
    I was always lousy at French grammar. But ….
    It’s being used like a verb in a sentence, which I think can be different than just saying “Welcome!”. In French when you speak to a mixed group of people, you always revert to masculine form…
    I know there are at least some situations where you drop the “e”, but I’m not sure if this is one of them.
    I really hope it is! How embarrassing to the most French-Canadian place in the US if it ain’t, heh!

      • ~m says:

        At least, I hope there’s an explanation, Miss S, haha!

        My vague guesswork might not be it. So lousy with the foreign language grammar grammar.
        Translating compound sentences with pluperfect conjugation? *weeps* Your lovely Dad was so nice about ignoring the way I utterly, utterly butchered persnickety German grammar while trying to chat with him =)

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