Photo a Day, June 17

Sunshine (Through A Tree)

*Sigh* I want to use the word Gemütlichkeit to describe how this makes me feel but it’s not “in a middle class kind of way”. It’s the only word that really comes to mind that I can think of.


4 thoughts on “Photo a Day, June 17

  1. ~m says:

    Gemutlichkeit doesn’t always have to be middle-class, but it does have a social connotation, so yes, not quite right…I think I know what you mean, though. Hmmm….

    How about Zufriedenheit?
    It’s another one that’s slightly hard to translate, and it has multiple uses with different definitions, but in general,
    it means this happy contentment, fulfillment…a satisfaction in yourself and your environment.
    A sense that you have the thing(s) you have longed for, or else, that you have learned to take joy from the place you’re already in.
    It’s a nice word, and considering you wait for the sun and flipflops all winter, definitely must be feeling some Zufriedenheit lately! =)

  2. Reinhardt says:

    Lovely picture! I like zufriedenheit but gemütlichkeit also has a nice ring to it. Now how about music? As I saw this post I was listening to the opera from Mozart – Queen of the Night (I get these whims on occasion). I think it’s quite fitting though, or a little too heavy? Here is a clip,, what do you think? (

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