knitting al fresco

Yesterday was one of those absolutely perfect summer days. I just had to take advantage of it and worked some knitting for myself.

I got this yarn last year in Bar Harbor while on vacation. I am really enjoying working with alpaca. That’s right, it’s an animal fiber I am not allergic to! Makes me so happy. For those interested as to what the pattern is, it is One Row Lace Scarf (which I found on Rav, of course). I also love working with the rosewood needles I got at Job Lot back in the winter. So smooth. Depending on the light I actually have a hard time seeing the yarn on the needles.

I have not come up with a name for this scarf. Having a hard time deciding on what I like. The names are Bar Harbor, Maine or alpaca related. What do y’all like? If you have any ideas please feel free to share and I’ll add it to my project page as a possibility. This is what I have so far.

• This Scarf Has Moxie
•Two Alpacas Walk Into a Bar
• Bah Habah Skaaf
•Alpaca My Bags for Bar Harbor
• something cherry related since it is a cherry colour???
•Cherry Cola???


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