A little recap

2013 was a year of firsts for me. It all started on New Years Day when I tried Brussels sprouts. Turns out of l love them! Other firsts include but not limited to (mostly knitting related): making an i-cord (so damn easy, why was I so afraid?), tried crocheting (did not go so well because of my hand problems), holding a fairly newborn (becoming an aunt count? I think so), using a round loom (love), trying shampoo bars (and loving them), trying a pumpkin spice latte (love).

Holding my niece for the first time was pretty nerve-racking. I never held a newborn.

I was pretty prolific in my knitting, twenty-one items. One of my favourites was owl bookmarks. I made one for Mr. Geek and one for me (brown for him, grey for me).

I also had fun making Cole a bow-tie.

I finally finished the alpaca scarf. I decided to make it an infinity scarf. Before washing it I was having trouble wearing it, afterwards, it’s fine. This makes me very happy. Yay an animal fiber I am not allergic to!

I’m starting to formulate plans for my knitting in 2014. It’s time I finally try knitting in the round and making Mr. Geek the scarf I said I’d start this year. I see a trip to a yarn shop in our future soon to pick out yarn.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday, what ever one you might celebrate. Have a wonderful new year!


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