An Adventure in Gardening

Awhile back I had mentioned how I’d discovered a community garden. That was three years ago? Wow. I didn’t realize it’s been that long. Anywoo. This year we have a plot! Actually, one and half plots. We’re sharing a plot with a friend (not knowing how much we’d like it). The day of the big plant we had been asked if we would like another plot. Otherwise it would just sit there going unused. Sure, we said, why not? So we are Mr. and Ms. One-and-Half-Plots Geek (maybe if we had a shed that joke would go over better?).

So far things are going very well. We have pickling cucumbers, some type of squash (we got for free and it’s either summer squash or zucchini), some flowers from a wedding invite (card with wildflowers in it!), green beans and peppers. Lots of peppers (also got for free). I had stopped at a local garden center a few weeks ago and got a basil plant for free. People just like giving me plants. I am not to complain.

Our full plot has gone from this at the end of May.

To this in mid June.

To a few days ago.

Isn’t that just crazy and amazing?

The half plot is looking pretty good, too. I just don’t have any recent photos of it. I was so distracted by how big that cucumber plant got I forgot to get a photo of the half plot. Next time I go to water I’ll try to remember.

One of the hot pepper plants we got has a pepper on it. Since staking it, it’s looking much better.

I created life!  We planted green bean seeds just a few weeks ago.

So far we are enjoying it. Even if it’s just watering and weeding at this point. Nothing quite like getting hands into the ground, even if you’re wearing gloves. Hopefully we’ll start to see some fruits of our labor within the month.

Info on the garden can be found here.
I will do my best to keep you all updated on our gardening adventure.


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