Fruits of our Labor

The garden is coming along very nicely. Every two days or so there are a handful of pickling cucumbers to pick. Still waiting on the peppers. Soon, very soon. The green beans we planted got moved around to give them space. It looks like something has eaten some of the leaves on the flowers from my cousins wedding invite (piece of paper with wildflowers in it). They are getting taller but at the moment I don’t have high hopes for them. We shall see.

Picking the cucumbers is quite a toll on my back. If we are to do this next year we need to either do only one cucumber plant or none.

Yield from our first harvest.

Mr. Geek and his cukes.

Two days later, I picked this!

Holy Cucumbers Batman!

The largest cucumber plant has been named Big Daddy by Mr. Geek. Here’s how it looked this past weekend.


3 thoughts on “Fruits of our Labor

  1. Missie says:

    The underdstated glee in Harry’s face reminds me of a mad scientist showing off his creations =D I love it
    Great job so far, guys!! Your garden looks fantastic!

      • Missie says:

        Good luck! Woodchucks are adorable little eating machine bastards, lol.
        So cute, but so destructive! The guy who got big and fat living off my kale brought his (her?) kids this year…the only thing that ever kept them away was hair.
        Hope it works for you, too.

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