My Crazy Socks

Guys! I made socks (link to my Ravelry project page)! Not just one, but a pair. No, second sock syndrome here! I have worked on and off on these since February. Yesterday I grafted the toes on sock number two. Today since it was sunny I took some photos. I followed Silver’s Sock Class tutorial.

Things I learned: I like knitting in the round, long-tail cast on is not for everything (I discovered that when I went to put on one of the socks), I don’t care for toe grafting, turning a heel is totally nerve-racking and fun, results may differ when starting on different spot in multicoloured yarn (IE pooling may occur). This was definitely a leveling up project for me.

I enjoyed the process overall but now I am very happy to be done. Mr. Geek may have requested his own pair of crazy socks. I am not a monogamous knitter so it is possible it may happen at some point.  I would like to try toe up and maybe two at a time someday. However, because of my wool allergy and hand issues I am a bit limited in what yarn and fiber I can use. We shall see.


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