Letting Go

It is almost five years since the apartment building fire. Due to the time of day and our schedules it happened we were home. When I left I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, socks, slippers and I managed to grab my coat. Beat up old slippers that had a crack in the sole do not make good footwear in snowy December weather. That night my sister-in-law had taken us out to get some stuff. One of the first things I got that night were a pair of sneakers. I had settled on the ones I got because they were New Balance (a brand I like and are comfortable for me) and my size. At first I hated them. Over the years I grew to like them. I’ve needed to get rid of them for almost a year. The treads are worn thin (I slip sometimes because they are slippery), I taped the back so my heel doesn’t rub and get a blister and there’s at least one small hole starting near a toe on one of them. Yet, I can not bring myself to throw them out. I’ve bought other clothing items since then and gotten rid of them with no problem. These sneakers though, I keep hanging on to them. I need to let them go.


2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. fernwoodnursery says:

    Hi Sarah, A dear friend of mine lost her whole house to a fire about a year
    ago. They lost everything. The little town I lived in swarmed the family to
    replace the necessities and then also collectively managed to raise over
    30,000 dollars to help them rebuild. I had tea with her just a few days ago,
    and we spoke about the process of ‘letting go’. Not easy, even when one
    can clearly see that the tragedy took no lives ( thank God) and things can
    be replaced, an event like this ( like yours) takes time to overcome. It really rattles the soul, I’m sure. Maybe your sneakers are a symbol ……the
    meaning is your choice to make. Best to you in the process………kind
    thoughts being sent your way.

  2. Sarah says:

    So glad to hear your friend and everyone are okay!

    Yes, things can get replaced. Loosing almost everything has taught me that. It is all just stuff. Which is why I had been having a hard time of getting rid of the sneakers. After writing this post I put them in a bag to bring to the recycling center. I guess I needed the catharsis of writing about them to be able to let go.

    It is definitely a process. I still have fire related dreams.

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