Finished Projects

I have worked on finishing languishing knitting projects (all images link to my Ravelry).

It took me two years, but I finally finished the cabled scarf I was making for Harry. It needs to get blocked before he can wear it, but it’s done. Lots of mistakes in it but as we say in knitting world, lots of love is in it. One mistake that I didn’t even realize until I was about six inches before finishing was I was skipping a whole first part of the repeat when going to the second. Whoops. I can’t tell and neither can he which really is all that matters.

Today I seamed up the grey infinity scarf I was making for myself. I had finished knitting it in March  but it needed to be seamed up. The issue was doing a Kitchener stitch in the round (FYI – there is only ONE YouTube video on doing it that I could find). Determined to get it done I tried four times before going to an LYS last week asking for help.

The blue loomed cowl sat for months (eh hem a year or more) because I was afraid of finishing it wrong. I don’t know why, it was actually pretty easy once I watched a video. I think using a crochet hook scared me. Also,  because I’m a tight knitter I was worried about doing it too tight (I think I did). I am not sure how much I will wear this as my claustrophobia is an issue with  tight things around my neck. I used the same yarn Harry did when he loomed a hat for me.

As of now the only things OTN is a sun dishcloth which I hope to finish by the end of the month and the scrap blanket. So, going into the new year I will only have one project that I will be working on which a long-term thing. Feels good.

I am not sure what I want to work on next year. When looking at what I’ve done this year it is not much. 2013 was a prolific knitting year for me, 22 things. Most of them small but still that’s a lot! I might try cabling without a needle. I might try making a cloche hat since everyone I’ve every seen in stores is made of wool. Maybe I’ll dig into the queue and make stuff that has been there since I first got on Ravelry (next year will make ten years!).




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