Happy Holidays!

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Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting lately.

Life happens.

Our computer had given us issues for a long time (taking forever to boot up, etc) which would make me not want to bother trying to do much of anything on it. Then we got a new kitten which sucked up a lot of time and attention. Don’t want to do anything but stare at her cute face! Lastly I have had acid reflux issues. It started right before my birthday and almost six months later finally get some relief.  To quote the doctor, “It’s just heartburn.” There is no JUST about it for anyone suffering from it, let me tell ya.

As a result from the reflux, I had to change how and what I ate so I could actually eat w/o being in pain. That has resulted in me loosing about thirty pounds since June. I have continued my gym going, swimming and occasional yoga as well. I did a 28 Day Plank Challenge (modified due to wrists and spine) which I am sure helped a bit as well. I am happy for the weight loss. I am seeing a number I have not seen in about seventeen years.  I am on the tail end of the elimination diet. I have reintroduced a lot of food back. I am able to eat most things. Some in moderation and a just a few not at all (tomatoes, which I should not eat anyway because they cause inflammation in my hips).

This summer was the first time in my life that I was able to eat fish…and like it. I eat sushi now! I prefer raw to cooked. I stick with tuna or salmon. Hey! It’s something! Japan, here I come!

The computer died over this past weekend. Which was also our 17th Dateiversary. We got a lovely new one.

Clementine will be six months old this weekend. She has gotten so big! She and Cole are doing a little better together but they definitely have their moments. He is old and a curmudgeon and wants to be left alone. Clem is a kitten and full of energy. She want to play. She is a cuddle bug, loves to be picked up and paid attention to.

Knitting wise I have worked on the scrap blanket pretty diligently since March. Even in the summer.

I post frequently on Instagram for those interested.

Cole and Clem do, too.

I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. Thanks to everyone who is following!

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Best Birthday Cake in the Universe

My birthday was this week. I love the cake we had for my family celebration. If you know anything about Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy then the cake will give you an idea about how old I turned.

Dyane’s Sweet Tooth in Cumberland, RI made the cake. The sponge was lemon with a whipped raspberry filling. Delicious!

Do you know where your towel is at?


Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

I bought a bird feeder back around the beginning of December. I am enjoying having birds come by. We seem to be getting mainly one kind of bird. I am calling it a finch, but I’m not certain that is what it is. Mr. Geek did get me a bird watcher’s book at Christmas, I just haven’t looked it, yet. One of the few types of birds I can easily name is a blue jay. We’ve actually been getting a couple! Even though I think they are jerks and mean I’m excited every time I see that pop of blue. I took these shots about three weeks ago. Since then we’ve seen them a couple of times.


Forthcoming Photography Series

I was thinking today about the book A Year of Mornings.  When I had first read it some years ago it had inspired me. Today while doing the dishes, a daily necessary chore, that I particularly don’t enjoy doing, I thought, “Hey! What about a series of photos on everyday life. The mundane stuff that one would not normally associate with photography. That might be interesting.” So here we are. My intention is to post more regularly and so this I feel will help, though, I know myself and if I have to do it everyday it will begin to feel like a chore, so I’m hoping every couple of weeks, at least once a month. I also don’t plan on these being part of Wordless Wednesday but their own thing. How I take them is not set in stone, they might be  taken with the tablet or the DSLR. I am not sure how long it will be or how repetitive (I hope not) some might be. If anyone has suggestions, I’m willing to hear them. At the moment I only have a couple of ideas floating around in my head. Tentative tag/title/category is Everyday Life. Stay tuned!

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Gruß vom Krampus

Mr. Geek was recently part of a Krampus Walk in Providence. This was the first year for something like this in our area. He’s been talking about wanting to do one of these for years so when a friend told him about this he got very excited. Lucha Krampus hopes it will be happening again next year. Here are a few photos I took when they got to their first stop.

*No one was harmed by the Krampuses.