Photography, Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

30 Day Photo Challenge, Photography

Outdoor Christmas Lights

15. Outside Christmas Lights¹

When I saw that one of the prompts was outdoor lights I knew exactly where to go. This was my first time actually getting to see the light display in action. They did not disappoint. The lights move to music. Quite the feast for the eyes!

¹ I have flipped the prompt for the 15th and 16th due to weather.



It’s a Winter Wonderland

The Northeast was hit by a blizzard yesterday. They were predicting about 20 inches for here. We got about 12 inches.

When I came back from photographing I had a nice cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows.


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candlelight stroll

Tonight I went down to Main Street to check out the Candlelight Stroll.  I should have worn more layers.  Oh my lord it was cold!  Got a hot chocolate from The Cakery and wandered up and down the street for about 45 minutes.

There was a guy carving ice at River Island Park, but I was too cold standing in one spot.

Ran into an old acquaintance in the train depot so it was nice talking to him.  I had never been inside the depot.  The windows are so cool.

I also got to ride a horse-drawn cart from the train depot to River Island Park.  That was fun!

A lot of the photos I took are really blurry because of the low light. However, I did manage to get a few good shots of the lights at the mini park next to city hall.

I got a bokeh shot I’ve been trying to get!  *happy dance*

Photography, Project365


Wow, so this it.  Thank you everyone who has inspired, commented and supported me in this little adventure!

Day 364, 12/30


The old McCarthy’s department store clock now located on the corner of Main Street and Court Street.  I took this photo at 2:48pm.  I wonder when it last worked?

Day 365, 12/31


Full circle.

My first photo for Project 365….

Day 366, 1/1/09


Irony that my last photo and one of my favourites is of champagne. 

The End?



For your viewing pleasure a bunch of short videos.

The next two are from Christmas day.  The first is Izzy being silly and enjoying her new scratching post.  The second was taken at my mom’s.  You have to wait for Harry’s comment.  It’s fantastic.

Photography, Project365


Day 352, 12/18


Calm before the storm

Day 353, 12/19


Storm’s abrewin’

Day 354, 12/20


Is it over yet?

Day 355, 12/21


A little light on the longest night of the year.

Happy Winter Solstice!

Day 356, 12/22


They’ve been known to kill.

Day 357, 12/23


I got to go see A Christmas Carol at the last minute with Damien, his cousin, sister and sister’s kids.

Day 358, 12/24


Possibly the best fortune ever.  Went to Ho Kong for our Christmas Eve tradition of having Chinese food.

Day 359, 12/25


Can we open them yet?

Merry Christmas!

Day 360, 12/26


Izzy’s impression of a gremlin. 

Day 361, 12/27


Lappy is back and charging correctly!

Photography, Project365


I took Harry’s advice and went to Walmart to have my photos put onto a cd.  I’ll be doing it again before Christmas.  I just know how I am, so I want to make sure my batteries are going to last me all day (the more photos the camera has, the shorter the battery life).  That and I don’t want to fall behind when I’m so close to finishing.

Day 347, 12/13


Five glass ornaments, and one apple ornament sitting amongest the cactus.  They were taken off the tree by Isabella and are all missing the metal tops.

Day 348, 12/14


My newest book from the library and a cup of Sumatra.  My first “modern day” mystery (up until now I’ve read Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes for mysteries).  Pretty good.  I think I’ll read more from the series.

Day 349, 12/15



Went for a long walk around the North End of Woonsocket while Harry went to do some secret holiday shopping. 

Day 350, 12/16


Pretty packages.  I so want to know what’s in them.  I’ve been good and haven’t even picked them up and jiggled ’em.

Day 351, 12/17


Christmas lights

River Island Park, Woonsocket