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Crafty as a Fox

A few weeks ago we made tomtes (gnomes). It was a bit fiddly getting the hats just right but dang, they are cute. We used a few tutorials found on Pinterest to make them. They are currently hanging out in the bathroom.

I made myself a pussy hat last month. It was fun to make and once I got the cast on right (German Twist which is fiddly like a long tail cast on), took just a few days. I wear it most days that it’s cold enough for a hat.

I knit it in the round and based it off of my pink hat from last year per some helpful projects over on Ravelry.

I blocked Harry’s cable scarf but have not gotten photos of him wearing it, yet.

The blanket is coming along. I am not sure how many squares I’ve done. This is the last picture I have on the project page for it taken around Christmas.

I’ve made a few dishcloths as well.

Now I’m working on a Jayne Cobb hat for Harry and the blanket of course.




Finished Projects

I have worked on finishing languishing knitting projects (all images link to my Ravelry).

It took me two years, but I finally finished the cabled scarf I was making for Harry. It needs to get blocked before he can wear it, but it’s done. Lots of mistakes in it but as we say in knitting world, lots of love is in it. One mistake that I didn’t even realize until I was about six inches before finishing was I was skipping a whole first part of the repeat when going to the second. Whoops. I can’t tell and neither can he which really is all that matters.

Today I seamed up the grey infinity scarf I was making for myself. I had finished knitting it in March  but it needed to be seamed up. The issue was doing a Kitchener stitch in the round (FYI – there is only ONE YouTube video on doing it that I could find). Determined to get it done I tried four times before going to an LYS last week asking for help.

The blue loomed cowl sat for months (eh hem a year or more) because I was afraid of finishing it wrong. I don’t know why, it was actually pretty easy once I watched a video. I think using a crochet hook scared me. Also,  because I’m a tight knitter I was worried about doing it too tight (I think I did). I am not sure how much I will wear this as my claustrophobia is an issue with  tight things around my neck. I used the same yarn Harry did when he loomed a hat for me.

As of now the only things OTN is a sun dishcloth which I hope to finish by the end of the month and the scrap blanket. So, going into the new year I will only have one project that I will be working on which a long-term thing. Feels good.

I am not sure what I want to work on next year. When looking at what I’ve done this year it is not much. 2013 was a prolific knitting year for me, 22 things. Most of them small but still that’s a lot! I might try cabling without a needle. I might try making a cloche hat since everyone I’ve every seen in stores is made of wool. Maybe I’ll dig into the queue and make stuff that has been there since I first got on Ravelry (next year will make ten years!).




Knitting Round Up

“Sarah, you have not posted about what you’ve knit lately. What are you working on?” Ah, that is true, I have not posted about knitting in a while.

Socks! I am only on the first one and am loving it. “But wait, you’re allergic to wool. What kind of yarn are you using?” A Ravelry friend had sent me some Cascade Fixation, which is cotton and elastic, last year or so. It’s so sprongy!  I am following Silver’s Sock Class tutorial. It is well written and has lots of pictures. On the two parts where I’ve gotten stuck a friend showed me in person and then it made more sense. I am ready to start the second part of the gusset.

After years of being in squaresville I am loving knitting in the round. Back in the autumn I had made my first fingerless gloves.

The pattern was fun and easy but the yarn…what a pain in the ass. The ends are all fraying and coming apart. I loved using size 13 needles! Felt great in decrypted hands.

I made a ton of chair booties for the kitchen chairs. Lots of good practice for in the round. Good stash down project, too.

I made Cole a toy as a Christmas gift but he found it weeks before so he got an early Christmas.

In trying to use up stash I made another coaster.

Still plugging away on Harry’s scarf. It is about nineteen inches long.

Looking back I have been busy.

Links about projects are to my stuff  on Ravelry.





Hello dear readers. Since taking the month off for photography it’s slipped my mind that maybe I should post something anyway…until now. I’ve been working on a few knitting projects but I can’t share them just yet. I can show what I did make over the winter for some friends who were had a baby at the end of April.

Teddy. He was knit with alpaca. Yay I’m not allergic!!

I had made a few coffee cup sleeves for holiday gifts.

My latest project that I finished last night was a washcloth. I got the yarn (Martha Stewart’s cotton-hemp) on clearance and glad I did because it was a PIA casting on and binding off. Splitty as all get out. Oh there was a dishcloth in there as well that I did.

I’ve finally tried i-cord. Man, why was I so scared? It’s so fun! I already have ideas brewing for holiday gifts. Yeah, I know it’s only May. I’m so slow because of my hands so I need to start as soon as possible.